Remote candidate screening and interviewing.

We help both agency and internal recruiters save vital time at the start of the hiring process by combining digital CV’s, testing, video interviews and interview scheduling together in one automated process, completely remote. As a result, a days work that would have taken 10 hours, now takes 5 minutes.

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To help those hiring remotely, we’re offering a 1 month free trial to all businesses.

About Offerd.

Offerd helps talent professionals remote screen and interview candidates. Our virtual screening portal inside of the platform helps recruiters automatically gain all the vital information on their applicants in minutes, instead of spending hours manually gathering this data themselves.

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Does the interviewing, so you don’t have to.

Automated Pipeline

View your candidate shortlist with our stunning visual and organic pipeline that updates with every applicant action.

Tests & Questionnaires

Create relevant tests and questionnaires to find out information that would usually take ages to obtain.

Set Up Meetings & Chat

Tell candidates when you’re free and let the software automate interview booking. No more back and forth, just pure ease.

100% remote screening.

Our unique platform allows hiring managers to gain priceless insights into their applicants.

By digitising your interview process, we give you the ability to see personal and professional information such as experience, candidate motivations, test results and much much more. Much better than seeing a boring CV and having to do all the work yourself!

Attract the best talent, anywhere, anytime.

All businesses miss out on talent because of timing, location and circumstance. That stops now.

Passport makes interviewing with your business easy and accessible, meaning that we remove all barriers that occur when trying to interview great talent. They might be 1000 miles away, but they’re still able to interview with you.

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We help businesses regardless of their size. From 1 employee to 100,000 employees, the Offerd platform helps talent experts gain important information and save precious time in the hiring process.

Size doesn’t matter

Know more about your applicants.

Did you know that 80% of time wasted during the interview process happens during the first 20% of the process? We give you all the information you need to make smart decisions. You’ll know 2 hours worth of insights on your applicants in just less than 1 minute.