Offerd was born, the rest is history

Created for the sheer reason that graduate hiring is in dire straits. We said “enough is enough! it’s time to banish the elephant in the room”. Offerd was born, and as they say, the rest is history.

Born out of personal pain

Our Story

Our founder Jamie Beaumont spent over 5 years in graduate recruitment, heading ‘upstream’ from the off. Aiming to hire the right way, a better way. Some might say it was best practice and good morals. Having placed 100’s of graduates in over 100 businesses, he’s well versed to understand the state of graduate hiring as it is today.

Graduates being misplaced in roles they aren’t suited to and having to go back on themselves to find their feet again. Businesses wasting precious hiring budget and crucial time in their graduate hiring processes. Recruiters charging over the odds for poor, widespread tactics.

In the digital era, there had to be an answer to so many industry inefficiencies. Almost a year on and the answer is almost here. That answer also happens to be investor-backed, user-tested and extremely advanced. The Offerd hiring platform has been created as a scaling incubator for exciting growing businesses and huge. potential graduates. You’re welcome.

The unicorn

How we’re different

Supporting exciting growing businesses for their success when scaling rather than penalising them for hiring great talent is a huge value that Offerd was built on. One simple monthly fee for unlimited hiring. It doesn’t get any more complicated.

For graduates, instant access to companies that they wish to work for through simple filtering and a chance to create a stand out personal brand. Far more intuitive than other platforms, yet so simple. 

Interview anywhere, anytime. On a gap year in Asia? No problem. Working down the local pub? That’s fine. Connecting hiring managers and candidates directly keeps the whole process convenient for both. A much more logical approach.

I’m a

We’re a