The Offerd Way.

Admin has sucked for years. And you deserve better. So we’ve designed the world’s best recruitment workspace. We automate admin and separate the stuff you need to see from everything else – The Offerd way. We built our platform on simple founding ideals – Here’s what we believe and why it matters.

Love efficiency, hate admin.

Love efficiency. No really. It’s one of our core values. If there’s a better, faster or smarter way to get sh*t done, you better believe we’ll find it. With Offerd you don’t spend hours chasing your tail, duplicating tasks or banking emails and unread LinkedIn messages for 5pm. In just a few clicks you can automate responses, schedule interviews and give feedback to candidates.

Open less tabs.

We’ve all been there. 89 Chrome tabs open. 4 different types of software overheating your laptop. And an avalanche of emails clogging up your lunch break. Offerd’s visual dashboard brings together everything you need to do your job, all in one place. Candidate records, pipelines, social feeds, calendars – all in one platform. And it’s all you need.  

One place, not all over the place.

Traditional means of ‘recruitment admin’ is a hassle. Because you’re constantly digging around for things – CVs, job descriptions, ads, contact details.

Offerd brings it all together, so you can see the important bits instantly. Even customise your dashboard so the stuff that you need to do, gets done.

Impressions count.

So, recruitment’s reputation sucks. We’re aware. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Offerd’s interactive dashboard allows you to manage the candidate experience, updating them in real-time and automating screening so no candidate goes ‘untouched’. Candidate experience matters. Do right by them and we’ll do the rest.

Our values.

They guide what we do, why we do it, and who we hire.

Love efficiency, hate admin.

Keep our sh*t together and make it work together. If there is a better, faster or smarter way we’ll find it.

Ego Is The Enemy.

We take our work seriously but not ourselves. We bring it. But we never believe our own hype.

Work through, Not Work Around.

We don’t chase our tail. We love feedback, take accountability and find solutions, fast.

Give A Damn. Make A Difference.

Be proud of the impact we’ve had. And not just proud of what we’ve achieved, but how we’ve gone about it.

Our mission and purpose.

We exist to banish bullsh*t admin, giving recruiters more time to do what they do best, recruit. We want to help build a world where recruiters have more time, spend less and make more.

Simple. Efficient. Offerd.